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Megisto Systems - Wireless Packet Gateway Network

Megisto Systems Megisto Systems - Wireless Packet Gateway Network

Megisto Systems is building infrastructure for the mobile data network core, the critical point where IP services are delivered to mobile subscribers. Megisto's Mobile Services Delivery System is a “subscriber and service aware” core that helps operators create, deliver, and charge for personalized, value-added services. Mobile operators can use Megisto's infrastructure products to fully realize the profit making potential of its data networks.
PRISM implemented the storage driver enabling the product MS950 to boot from CompactFlash, and also to store configuration information.

This involved porting the existing ATA VxWorks driver from WindRiver for the hardware environment that uses a PRISM to Card Bus Bridge from Texas Instruments (PRISM1420) and a PowerPC processor. A test platform, which had the same processor and bridge, had to be selected so the driver could be developed even as the client’s hardware was being manufactured. This test hardware had MPC750 and PRISM slots that could fit a card bus reader from Synchrotech with PRISM1420 controller. This driver had to be integrated with the file system in VxWorks.

The driver was written for a wireless packet gateway network product from Megisto Systems

VxWorks, Tornado, PowerPC
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