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NOAA/National Weather Service - Weather data acquistion network

Department of Commerce/NOAA/NWS NOAA/National Weather Service - Weather data acquistion network

Prism is currently supporting a five-year IDIQ contract for the U.S. Dept of Commerce-NOAA/National Weather Service to provide engineering solutions for various SCADA, sensors, control and data acquisition systems. Prism is familiar with Federal Government procurement practices and reporting procedures, and has a demonstrated track record of providing optimum solutions with documented cost savings of over 25%.

Services include System Analysis, Engineering Design, Software Development, including embedded systems and Windows internals, Product Customization and Enhancement, Maintenance and Installation Support.

Technology: PowerPC, 68K, C/C++, pSOS+, Diab, SCADA, Win2K internals, TCP/IP, PPP, FTP, ODBC

Project Duration: 5 Years (Ongoing)
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