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CyberNIC™ - Miniport Driver

CyberNIC™ CyberNIC™ Miniport Driver

Lightel Systems’ CyberNIC card is a PRISM based Network Interface Card (NIC) that can be plugged into the PRISM slot of a machine to enable it to be a part of LightelNet. The CyberNIC card provides Ethernet over fiber, and is therefore transparent to all the network applications on the host computer. CyberNIC™ card is also a key component of CyberBridge™ and CyberSwitch™.
Prism Communications, Inc. was engaged by Lightel Systems to develop a Microsoft Windows 2000 network driver for the CyberNIC card. This driver was conceived as a ‘miniport’ network driver based on Microsoft's latest Network Driver Interface Specification Version 5 (NDIS 5). For wider market acceptability and Plug and Play compliance, the driver design strictly conforms to the Windows Driver Model (WDM). It supports Windows Management Interface (WMI), allowing WMI clients to access the driver for configuration management and status reporting.

As the CyberNIC card was being developed at Lightel Systems, Prism Communications actively collaborated in developing the PRISM interface specifications between the network driver and the CyberNIC card. The interface was optimized to get maximum benefit from the unique features of the CyberNIC card, like on- board processor, local packet queues, etc. A smart packet acknowledgement scheme was used to minimize the interrupt handling, resulting in significant performance improvements.

Windows 2000 Internals, WDM, NDIS-5, WMI, Compuware NuMega Driver Studio, DDK, WinDbg, C/C++, TCP/IP, NIC

Project Duration: 1 Year
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