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Lightel Systems - Lightweight Network Management Framework

Lightel Systems Lightweight Network Management Framework

Prism Communications was engaged by Lightel Systems to study the LightelNet architecture, and design an appropriate network management solution. Generic NMS products such as HP Openview™ could not exploit the unique network architecture of LightelNet. For instance, an off-the-shelf product could show IP connectivity of the Lightel ports, but would be unable to display the ring and spur architecture or the policies guiding the allocation of optical channels, which is one of Lightel’s strengths.
Prism Communications developed an NMS solution, which would primarily be a stand-alone system, but could also be integrated as a plug-in to a large NMS product such as HP Openview. The key was to select functions, complementing commercial NMS functions without duplicating them. Industry standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) was selected as the primary management protocol. The Network Operator would execute an application called Topology Viewer to navigate the hierarchy of the network and select a Network Element to be managed. A wide range of network-specific applications – performance monitoring, fault tracking, etc. -- could then be invoked to manage the object.

A prototype of the Network Topology Viewer application was developed as a proof of concept. This prototype displays the network, either as directory-like hierarchy (left pane), or as a connected graph (right panel). A Port Configuration tool was also developed to demonstrate the ability to communicate via Microsoft Windows Media Instrumentation (WMI) through the NDIS miniport device driver to the Lightel CyberNIC™ card.

Prism, in close cooperation with Lightel, employed its knowledge of Network Management, SNMP, device drivers and Java to design an NMS solution, which would increase Lightel’s customer satisfaction rate. The prototype was developed within six weeks, and was finished in time for an important product demonstration.

Windows 2000 Internals, WMI, Java, JGo, SNMP, NMS, TCP/IP, NIC, and LightelNet

Project Duration: 6 Months
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