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We stand apart, because our tailored solutions link directly to our clients' business objectives.

Our domain expertise includes SCADA and Sensors. Prism has developed several data acquisition and simulation systems on custom hardware, as well as, on Windows/DOS/Linux PC platforms.

Prism has expertise in programming for the Linux and Windows environments, including MSVC++, LabView, Java, VB, ASP, and DCOM. Past projects include kernel mode programming (device drivers) under Windows NT/2000.

Prism has implemented a device driver for WAN adapter for Megisto Systems, developed embedded software for Ciena to interact with optical devices and provide management, control and monitoring, developed major portions of wide area wireless data communications hub for Norcom Networks (now Wireless Matrix) including the base station components for terrestrial and satellite interface, mobility management, channel control and a full featured, high availability, FCAPS compliant, SNMP based network management system.

Our experienced and well-educated group of engineers understands the processing needs special to science-based systems. We are able to blend programming expertise with scientific knowledge to the advantage of our customers.
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